Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sometimes Quiet is Violent.

We are battling fear, oh dear, please someone tell me why were here. Summer has  been extremely busy with work. Please follow my tumblr if  you want more updates-- or my instagram @urbancaseymariee  :) (song of the day: "Car Radio" by Twenty One Pilots). 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

You and me, on the beach 
every day we pave the way for endless nights. 

Crush Party 2013. Eric and I had a wonderful night last night at the 2013 Alpha Psi Crush Party event, in which started at a lovely Westcliff seaside home and then moved to the 418 Studio for the evening. Between the two parts of the event Eric and I were lucky enough to have time to grab some California Rolls and Tempura from "I Love Sushi," a very infamous sushi restaurant in downtown Santa Cruz. Eric and I were able to eat quickly and make our way to the 418 right as the rest of the sisters were being let in, and we were able to dance a little bit before it was shut down. It overall was a really amazing night, especially since I got to see Katarina from New York! Even though it ended early I thought it was really fun and everyone looked really awesome in their dresses and such :) 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I dare you to love me, 
And I dare you to trust me.

Cold-hearted Criminal. Been very excited recently because school is almost done with. Got my classes for the year and even scored a Calteach Internship in which I will be working within the classroom with either middle or high school students. The first picture above is of me and my brother at Mother's Day brunch, 2013 at Piacerre in downtown. It was quite lovely and I had some french toast with bacon and fresh fruit :) The second to last photo, near the very bottom, is a photo Eric snapped on me on my way out the door. I was headed to Tour De Franzia, a competition event my sorority does with Sigma Pi every year. As you may be able to tell from the picture, I did not participate but rather did risk management that day and love it. It was a beautifully sunny weekend. And the very last photo, all the way on the bottom, is a Strawberry Macaroon from Kelly's Bakery when my mother visited in Santa Cruz on Memorial Day. It was slightly chillier that day (okay it was freezing and foggy) but we had a night heater outside and the macaroon left me ten feet off the ground :P yay!