Monday, June 29, 2015

I know that you're hiding,
I know there's a part of you that I just can not reach. 

You don't have to let me in. I started my new job at PTC downtown and I absolutely love it. It's a speciality store that carries brands like Lucky Brand, Free People, Michael Stars, Charlie Jade, Sanctuary, Splendid, Ella Moss, Mystree, Uno de 50, Dogeared, Alix & Ani, and more! Not to mention they have amazing denim from Paige, Goldsign, Mother, Citizens of Humanity, and a bunch of other great denim lines. When I say I am obsessed with the store, brands, people I work with and the whole vibe I can not even begin to encompass how grateful and excited I am to be working there. It is such a pleasure! The buyers, visual managers, team members and everyone are so kind, I love everyone, the customers, and atmosphere, it is so wonderful. The photos above are from the end of the year graduation party with my closest friends (definitely missing a key few!) as well as a lovely stop at Verve Coffee with Adriana below. As for the bottom two photos, those are of the lovely ring Eric got me for our 7 year anniversary. A "promise" ring of sorts, we still feel MUCH too young to get engaged, and it was such such a beautiful gesture. He saved up a lot for it, and worked so hard at finding the perfect one. He is such a gentleman, and so kindhearted. We never go super all-out on gifts (we do save to spend for each other on special occasions though, of course) but this was just stunning. He really went the extra mile and blew me away. While he knows he doesn't have to spend that much on me ever, knowing he did was a landmark statement for him. Our love will always transcend the silly pricetags on things, but I will not fail to notice how kind he was to go above and beyond this year as a special circumstance. It is something to be recognized and appreciated. Outsidelands is also just a few short weeks away, I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I can NOT WAIT. It's going to be such a blast :) On my playlist: "Hiding" Florence + The Machine, "Flip" Glass Animals "JDNT" Glass Animals, "It's Only" Odesza. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Break the Glass. 

Carried away by the dream that we're sharing. Got a new job!! I am so excited, it's at an adorable speciality store downtown and I can not wait to start! They also have the cutest boutique in Capitola, my mom and eric and I went to visit it today! Sorry I haven't posted a lot this quarter, 20 units was so much crazier than I was expecting it, even thought it was one of the easiest quarters Ive had workload wise! I loved my classes, but they were all a tad boring. Above photos: 1) Wine tasting in Los Gatos 2) Pineapple Mojito Mocktail in Palo Alto 3 + 4) A shop in Santa Cruz, CA 5 + 6) Alumni Brunch for Alpha Psi Sorority (I'm the one with the coffee, of course. I'll pass on the mimosa! Way too early for me). 7) Class Selfie, celebrating my newly dyed darker hair :) Finals week is coming up, I hopefully will survive, as I start work as well. Dinner tonight with the little and grandlittles, sushi- my favorite! Favorite Songs right now: "Delilah" Florence + The Machine, "Everytime" Broods, "Breaking the Glass" Django Django. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Honey that's how it sleeps,
Don't let it in with no intention of keeping it. 

Honey Don't Feed Me, I will come back. Coachella Weekend 1 was a whirlwind experience, and one in which I feel so oddly about. I learned so many things at Coachella about myself (weirdly), but I want to save a beautiful list of these miniature self-actualizations for a rainy day (soon) when I'm really feeling about reminiscing. The weather was truly boiling, and the girls went back and forth between hats on, hats off, trying to stay cool in the desert heat. The food was incredibly delicious, but pricey. While I didn't drink at all over the trip, I had a  taste of a the beers my friend had as they spoke of how delicious they were, and wow-- they were! I don't even like beer, and it was very good! Sleeping was nearly impossible since we were car camping, and I basically lived off of excederin and red bull to stay alive and functioning. My favorite acts by far were Hozier, Alt J, Florence and the Machine, and Gorgon City! Kieza, Kashbian, and Tyler the Creator  surprised me as actually amazing acts live, and I caught some of DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, ACDC and Nero as well, who were also very good! I hated the Sahara tent, it was way too crowded, loud and hot, but I really enjoyed the other acts. It was a truly great thing to experience, but I am not a Coachella-goer at heart. Too much noise, too many people, too much heat, too many substances. I prefer the laid-back, music-oriented vibe out SF Outsidelands. Coachella sort of felt like a look-oriented, social-media focused experience, and I really wanted to go to focus on the music (the photos above are form day 1, after that I didn't do my hair or makeup at all, and pretty much just threw on a dress-- I'm the one in the black sunflower romper and big floppy hat!). That being said, I am really looking forward to Outsidelands, as my experiences at Coachella-- although very fun and worthy of doing once-- have shown me how special Outsidelands is and how it's a much better fit for me. Song Recommendation: "Immagination" Gorgon City, "It Will Come Back" Hozer.