Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The first thing that you want,
will be the last thing you ever need. 

Everybody knows that a broken heart is blind. Went through my instagram (@urbancaseymariee) and realized how many of my recent photos I had yet to put up on this blog! I found a beautiful wedding dress in Los Gatos that my sister and I were absolutely dying over! The last photo is of some stunning tulips Eric got me recently, I am obsessed! Eric planted tulips in our own garden, and they came out perfectly. I wanted to take photos of my makeup room and put them on the blog, but unfortunately the lighting in that room is always so unflattering in photos! I think it's the wooden walls, it makes everything oddly warm in temperature and therefore photos don't come out at all! Either way, today is a wonderful day. Eric is out surfing, and I am at home organizing my closet and attempting to get back into wearing some of the clothes I haven't in such a long time! The last two days I have tried new outfits and I am quite loving "shopping my own closet"! Song recommendation: "Tighten Up" Black Keys. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hold my hand & float back to the summer time, 
tangled in the willows now our tongues are tied.

It was a monday night when you told me it was over babe. This morning the outsidelands lineup was released! Sam Smith, Odesza, Wilco, James Bay, Black Keys, Axwell & Ingrosso, Lindsey Sterling, Chet Faker, Porter Robinson, Glass Animals, what an epic lineup! I am quite happy; I'm only bummed about the absence of Hozier, Jack Ü, and Florence + The Machine but honestly this lineup is full of so much talents it's totally fine and I'm very excited! The above photos are half from my adventures to Stanford mall yesterday, and the two of myself and my outfit are from today in Santa Cruz! Despite the great lineup announcement, I woke up feeling very stressed. I found out I probably didn't get the job I applied for, and even though I won a scholarship recently, it was sad to hear I wouldn't be working next quarter. It's OK though, everything happens for a reason, right? Taking 20 units AND working next quarter may of been way too hard anyways, so it's probably for the best! Grades came out today: I got 2 A+'s in my upper-divisions and an A in my lower-division creative writing class. Pretty rad :) Makes me feel a lot more comfortable adding an extra class next quarter! It was a treat to see my family yesterday, but I'm happy to be back home! I've also been loving updating this blog, it really makes me happy that I started doing it again! Song recommendation: "Gooey" Glass Animals, "If You Ever Want to Be In Love" James Bay. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Your songs remind me of singing,
but somehow I forgot. 

Take a deep breath, suck the water in my chest. Today I woke up and had morning coffee, and then a nice breakfast of french toast and crispy bacon as Eric surfed. I checked my grades, but again, nothing. It's okay though, I know they're not due for a few more days! Around 3:30pm, Eric, his parents and I drove down to my hometown to visit a small bar to see a local band play and meet my mom. As we weren't quite fans of the rowdy crowd, My mom, Debbie and I went to a lovely garden shop (seen above) and stopped at a little bakery for miniature treats. I opted for a yummy lemon bar, and then we stopped back at the bar to grab Eric. My mom, Eric, Debbie and I stopped in at an insanely fancy little restaurant and grabbed a glass of wine (Eric and I obviously could not afford anything! We just had sips of my mom's wine and Debbie's cosmo!) It was a beautiful place, and I dreamed of someday coming to a special dinner there. There were some wines on the menu, like the 1945 French Bordeaux, that were $3200 per bottle. Absolutely insane!!! I couldn't imagine spending that much money on wine, but I bet it would taste amazing! Song Recommendation: "Swimming" Florence + The Machine